Just Go.

Man, I'm craving foreign air again. My impulses are tempting me to find the cheapest flight I can find overseas and just disappear for a month or even two, but I'm fighting temptation. My bouts after college have left me with a real taste for adventures. The experiences are uncanny because when you see the way the rest of the world lives, everything feels different - all while absolutely nothing changes around you. And afterwards, you start to realize that it'll never be enough to just stay put because you'll always have this urge to see and do more. I can't say there's any other feeling like it. 

But I've got a greater goal here at home at the moment. And the thing is, I just can't seem to leave until it's been dealt with. 



Time's Gonna Get The Best of Me

Time -- a concept so complex we simplify it to its root and denounce its truth. We wear it on our wrists and hang it on our walls in anticipation of things to come. Even when it moves at a singular pace, it never feels so. Days pass and feel like lifetimes, years pass and feel like seconds, yet, we only continue to count downwards. 

When I was younger the concept of time didn't seem to exist. It wasn't anything I worried about nor anything I ever I even thought needed to reflected on. For all I knew, time was infinite and it couldn't touch me. But at 25, having seen some realities, time is something that's become so substantial to me. 

About a month ago I experienced something that's been on my mind since. I visited two patients in a hospital, one whose life had just begun, and another who was nearing her departure. When I left them that day I it was all I thought about: the sequence of time, the things we'll see, the things we'll lose,  the things we'll take with us when we have none left.

My thought now, "What will time make of me by the end of it?" An idea that once daunted me is now familiar and I find myself pursuing only contentment. So I know that at my very last I can say that I went for it; I lived the uncertainty, collided with it head on and loved every single minute of it.